How to use WordPress - starter guide to WordPress

If you're new to WordPress (or websites in general), here you'll find lots of information about how to get WordPress, how to install WordPress, how to start using it, and how to use WordPress for your blog or your business.

What's the easiest way to install WordPress

WordPress is self-hosted content management system (CMS). It means that you need to have a server space to host it. It may sound complicated but trust me, it's much easier than it sounds. You'll see it just a few minutes.

If you want to get WordPress website you'll also need a domain - a website address where people would find your site.

The easiest way to start using WordPress is to get WordPress hosting. For example if you choose one of the most affordable WordPress hosting from Hostinger, you won't need to install WordPress by yourself at all. Once you'll order Hostinger WordPress hosting you will have latest version of WordPress installed and ready to use, including domain setup and any other steps.

So here's my recommendation - if you want to build your first WordPress website then choose WordPress hosting. It will include everything you need - domain with dedicated emails, properly configured WordPress hosting server with already installed WordPress which is ready to use in just a few clicks.

Hostinger has a guide walking you through every step - from selecting domain, hosting plan to actual WordPress website installation without any coding or any additional technical steps.

Most popular tutorials for WordPress beginners

In recent years I've created a list of posts that might be useful for first-tome WordPress users. Here are tiny steps you might need soon after you created your WordPress site:

What to do if you can't login to your WordPress website

Can't login to your website? Here's how you fix it:

Best WordPress plugins

Once you start using WordPress you'll definitely want to install few plugins - like plugins for search engine optimization (SEO), performance, analytics. Here you'll find all the basics you might need:

If you want to know how many visitors come to your WordPress website, which pages they visit, analytics will help:

If your WordPress website is running slow you definitely need to read this:

How to use WordPress for e-commerce

If you need an online store for your business here's the step by step tutorial how to create online store using WordPress' e-commerce plugin WooCommerce:

How to make money using WordPress using paid ads

One of the easiest ways to monetize your WordPress blog is to show Google ads in it. Here's the tutorial how to start monetizing from your WordPress blog: