WordPress websites built differently.
Or even better - moved to Statamic

ImakeITwork builds new and improves old business websites in a way that is loved by customers, is respected by Google, and adored by site administrators.

All websites built using three rules

Website needs to bring clear message to your potential customers

That's why ImakeITwork builds simple, clean sites for business, without any additional bells and whistles.

Content needs to be easy to use, easy to understand and navigate. And needs to convert visitors to paid customers.


Website needs to be appealing for visitors, and optimized for search engines

ImakeITwork builds fast, responsive, desktop and mobile optimized websites with all the data built-in for search engines.


Website needs to be joy to manage

If site administration is complicated, it won't be used and updated properly. Both Google and site visitors don't like websites which are hated by their owners. That's why ImakeITwork makes sure your website is as easy to administrate as possible.

Built on solid foundation
wordpress websites

WordPress websites are built using Genesis Framework, and using as minimum plugins as possible. No third party page builders.

If there's a need for custom functionality, it's either built using custom WordPress blocks or custom fields, to make WordPress administration as fluent as it gets, only using few must have plugins.

statamic websites

Statamic is safer, faster and way more simple CMS to use. No constant plugin updates, no database injections, no worrying gapholes.

CMS with pages, settings, fields and tabs tailored specifically for your project, and nothing more. Pure joy to use, even in multiple languages.


Can you fix slow or broken WordPress website?

Yes I can! In over 10 years I've decluttered and improved hundreds of WordPress websites which were slow, complicated for visitors or incredibly hard to use.

Can you migrate old website to WordPress or Statamic?

Yes. If your website was built using some legacy CMS, or was just a plain HTML, I can move it to CMS you prefer - either WordPress or Statamic.

Why WordPress, and why Statamic

WordPress powers more than 35% of all websites in the world. There are hundreds of thousands WordPress website owners who are used to WordPress CMS, but need help dealing with all kinds of it's challenges - from poor third party themes, performance issues, overcomplicated plugins to wild content structures only inexperienced website "builders" can be proud of.

But it does not mean WordPress CMS is that bad. It can be relatively fast and safe if built properly. It's block-based nature is handy for those who want to move things around and create new page structures without any developer help. Or just have relatively easy to use self hosted all-in-one blog/presentation/shop platform.

Statamic on the other hand is much different CMS. It does not have prebuilt page builders, does not rely on third party plugins, and it does not force website developers or owners use opinionated, prebuilt data structures.

Every Statamic build starts with data structure website owner needs for the specific website. Once developer prepares Statamic website for use, website has only needed pages, fields, tabs and settings the exact website requires, and nothing else. And it can be expanded when needed - pages, posts, lists can be added without any developer help. Even landing pages can be easily built or rebuilt.

Most of my Statamic customers never ask how to use or where to find specific website functions (adding or editing pages, selecting categories, uploading files, etc.) because all the tools are organized exactly how they should be - website owners login to admin panel, and find everything they need where they expect things to be.

Other Statamic highlights:

  • smaller sites (informational websites or blogs with up to ~2000 pages) do not need a database so there's no risk of database injections (safety)

  • Statamic CMS does not rely on third party plugins. You can install plugins but they are not necessary most of the time.

  • Statamic is well optimized and uses flat-file data structure. So if built properly it does not become slower over time, and website owner does not need to worry about caching plugins or any other "mods" to make website faster - properly built Statamic websites are always fast (speed).

  • Statamic supports multilanguage content out of the box so maintaining multilanguage sites is as easy as it can be.

Do you still work with OpenCart?

Yes and no. I stopped developing new extensions but I still support and sell all of my productivity and marketing extensions via OpenCart marketplace and via my extension store (or give some away for free). Feel free to contact me if you need custom OpenCart development.

Are you a designer?

I'm more developer than designer but I do both frontEnd and backEnd. I can build a great looking website, but I won't be able to help you with logo or print design.

What are your rates?

If I'm building a new website or completely rebuilding an old one then I usually charge per project. Most of the projects I build are relatively simple blogs and informational websites and I charge $3000 - $5000 for these kinds of works.

If you just need some minor WordPress tweaks or fixes I have a daily rate of $250 per day (up to 5 hours of work). Most minor modifications can be acomplished in a day.

How fast we will receive your services?

If everything you need is a tiny WordPress tweak or optimization it may take 1-2 work days to accomplish.

If we're speaking about complete website redesign then everything depends on the actual project - one may take a week, another might need a few weeks.

Where are you located?

I'm based literally in the center of Europe, in Lithuania (GMT+3).

How can we pay for your services? Will we get a receipt?

My preferred payment method is PayPal.

ImakeITwork is an established business so of course you will get a receipt for the services.

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